Nox Anabel

Magento Website Design + Photography + Instagram Management + Print Catalog Design


Nox Anabel is a boutique based in the heart of Los Angeles with the ultimate goal of empowering women. Based on Greek mythology, Nox or "goddess of the night" is brand that allows women to embody beauty and confidence through their wide range of gowns.


Nox Anabel was seeking an overall brand makeover with new contemporary designs and imagery. They also installed a new ERP system that needed to be seamlessly intergrated into their Magento website.



Magento Website Design Upgrade

The client was seeking a clean approach to their website in order to be straightfoward for all wholesale buyers. It was important to keep the custom design minimal to not distract away from the colorful array of vibrant dresses.


Catalog & Website Editorials

Over a 3-day period, we produced a full-service studio and outdoor editorial shoot to showcase each dress in its full grace. The goal of this shoot was to have high-quality studio images to showcase intricate dress detailing and also editorials to enhance the brand messaging of "goddess of the night."


Instagram Takeover

Using various engagement strategies and curating a consistent content calendar with the new photography assets, we were able to drive up their follower count from 20k to 50k+ within 6 months.


Mega Print Catalog

With the freshly produced studio and editorial photos, we designed a 100+ page dress catalog that would be sent to wholesale buyers. This catalog required detailed retouching, recoloring, and clean layout designs to present each dress as immaculately as possible.