AP Driving School

WordPress Design + Customized Scheduler & Checkout + SEO + PPC + Video


Founded in 1978, AP Driving School has built a legacy of teaching thousands of students how to drive to obtain their driver's license. The company's top-notch education and training has expanded to over 100 cities across California.


We needed to perform a complete website overhaul, transforming their UX and UI functions from old and clunky to modern and streamlined. To improve efficiency for new customers and staff, the website also required a new automated scheduling system.



Streamlined Scheduler

AP Driving School was having many complications with their existing scheduler, causing confused customers and overloaded inquiries to the company's admin team. We built a more robust and cusomized system with an intergrated app to solve a zoning discrepancy between students and instructors. This solution has saved the company a reported 80 hours of manual work and customer service a month.


Reputation Management and SEO

Using reputation management and targeted local keywords, AP Driving School ranked up 20K+ positions in 1 year and has received a 5 star rating on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Within 6 months, we were able to gather over 79 positive new reviews and push them to the first pages of their top 20 keywords on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


City-Specific PPC Campaigns

We optimized AP Driving School's PPC, lowering their CPC and increasing overall conversions and ROI. We created specific landing pages for each of the main targeted cities just for these PPC campaigns.


Animated Promo Video

Our talented animators produced a fun and welcoming video to invite and inform anyone in need of quality driving training.