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1 Denim is a Los Angeles-based sister company of Atomic Denim, which manufactures denim for brands like Hudson, True Religion, Guess, Lucky Brand and DKNY since 1990. They are known for their wide range of fits and styles made for all sizes, completely manufactured in their own factory.


1 Denim was seeking a fully customized Shopify retail store that allowed them to have more control and flexibility of their products. It was also necessary to perform a brand makeover plus produce clean and crisp product photos for the new website and social media campaign.



Custom Shopify Website

We performed a website transfer for 1 Denim from BigCommerce to Shopify to allow their team to have more control over their website functions. We built upon this new site to house both retail and wholesale customer checkouts so that all sales could be made in one place. Each product page was also expanded with new layouts to showcase more product detail and options.


Photography Refresh

We produced a full-day studio photoshoot and casted four models with different body types to showcase the inclusive line of denim. From start to finish, we presented the concept and coordinated all stages down to editing and retouching. 1 Denim now had high-quality images to match with their high-quality denim.


Wholesale Emaill Campaigns

Now that 1 Denim's website was more compatible and straighfoward for wholesaler buyers, we strategized and created an email drip campaign to increase traffic to the website and push sales.


Influencer Partnerships

To put 1 Denim's digital relaunch in full force, we implemented a robust Instagram campaign that skyrocketed them from 3k to over 13k followers in 6 months. We did this primarily through affiliate programs where we partnered with various social media influencers to promote the denim line and overall brand. See press kit for more info on influencers.



We designed an all-encompassing press kit as a tool to attract more wholesale buyers and to gain more press and exposure.